Who is Talkmex Corporation?

Talkmex Corp. emerges from a trade group dedicated to the commercialization and distribution of Telcel’s airtime in Mexico, with over 14 years of experience, Talkmex provides this service for approximately 80,000 outlets across the country.

In order to support the operations of each outlet and to ensure a reliable service, Talkmex Corp. has developed a technological platform capable of supporting the increasing demand, allowing our multiple data centers to be a great choice for Telcel product customers.


Our Project
With the desire to provide Telcel’s airtime to the residents’ of the U.S and their love ones in Mexico, Talkmex Corp. is strategically set in the main markets of the United States.

This project is based on the number of Mexican immigrants in the U.S.; Over 30 million recorded in 2012 being protagonists of over 22 million dollars sent and received by residents in Mexico in 2011 according to the CEMLA.

The numbers speak for themselves, Talkmex Corp. is the perfect complement for those U.S. businesses that maintain some contact with residents of Mexico, with the support of the Telcel brand and this service, will provide a smooth junction between both nations....


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Población latinoamericana de residentes en USA